Aerospace Management Software

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SSMG Software Solutions strategically designed the Aerospace Management software so that it could be implemented in a flexible manner to meet the needs of large international airports as well as smaller regional facilities.

All airports need to coordinate information and dynamically manage their facilities for maximum efficiency and customer service. The user friendly Aerospace Management software modules are designed to make this possible as the design permits the automatic exchange of real-time information among systems so that passengers, baggage and aircrafts move through the system efficiently resulting in effective use of resources and an a higher rate of on-time schedule performance.

The system includes an Air Traffic Billing module that can be customized to track the services provided to individual airlines and to efficiently generate accurate invoices automatically. Another module is for Airport Inventory and Maintenance Management that is designed to facilitate quick decision making and ensure maximum optimization of resources while minimizing maintenance operation costs.

When an airport integrates its information systems, everyone benefits, from airport personnel to airline employees and passengers. Automatically exchanging real-time information among systems results in more efficient airport operations. What is more, it speeds the flow of passengers, baggage and aircraft through the airport. Managers who can access information about all airports have the key to smooth, productive operations. With integrated systems, they allocate resources more effectively and improve on-time performance.

Today’s airport authorities are faced with non-stop passenger growth. Short waiting times, constant access to up-to-date information and smooth processes are what make an airport attractive and guarantee that rising passenger demands are met. SSMG Software Solutions Aerospace Management Software contributes substantially to meeting these prerequisites. Aerospace Management Software is used to manage airports information pertaining to various ongoing and day-to-day activities in the airports Aerospace Management Software is suitable for large international airports as well as smaller regional and general aviation airports.

Key Benefits