Banking Applications

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SSMG Software Solutions is a service provider of Banking and Financial Solutions. This vast repertoire of knowledge SSMG Software Solutions has developed SSMG Software Solutions areas of excellence in the Banking and Financial Domain. As an ongoing process, SSMG Software Solutions is developing new expertise and creating new areas of Excellence so as to offer its clients a complete and comprehensive service.

The SSMG Software Solutions team has very strong domain knowledge and expertise in providing services, focused on enabling organizations; banks and financial institutions to fulfill their technological needs in the following areas.

Banking Domain Services

Loan origination and Leasing systems

SSMG Software Solutions has developed significant expertise and knowledge related to the Loan origination business of a banking / financial organization. The company has participated and gained experience in the areas related to the development and integration of leasing systems, mortage systems, corporate lendings and related areas.

Some of the areas we have worked on for our global clients are

Transaction Switching

SSMG Software Solutions has developed experience in a large number of general purpose and specialized software modules used in switching, transaction management and other mission critical message processing applications. SSMG Software Solutions works with the client to develop combinations of switching and payment software modules designed to meet the broadest transaction processing requirements of the financial services sector. SSMG Software Solutions application designers and analysts have knowledge and experience in designing and developing the most optimum software modules from functional areas to meet business requirements.

Internet Banking

The Online Banking solution facilitates the secure exchange of information and transactions over the Internet. Financial institutions can define and manage all aspects of their Internet service offering as the online banking solution can be configured to simultaneously access checking / current / savings accounts, credit card accounts, loans and investments. On-line customers receive a consolidated view of their finances as well as the ability to perform a full range of transactions on and between their various accounts. Commercial customers can leverage efficiencies of on-line electronic banking to manage payroll, accounts and relationships with suppliers and stakeholders. The following is a high-level network architecture diagram for the online banking solution.

Retail Banking Solution

The SSMG Software Solutions team has worked on and designed / developed various components of a modern Retail Banking System which is powerful, highly flexible and can support the full-function of a standard retail banking system. Some of the modules which the team has worked on and can be implemented in a single or multi-branch Financial Institutions are listed below.

These modules have been integrated to standard retail banking systems, internet banking systems and transactions switches. The following illustration provides a broad overview of the technical environment in which the Retail Banking System operates.

Credit, Debit and Smart Card Management Systems

SSMG Software Solutions has significant knowledge and expertise in the development, implementation and integration of card systems. These include Debit / credit and Smart card systems. The SSMG Software Solutions team has in depth knowledge of the complete card cycle right from defining basic card types to settlements.