Barcode Technology

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Barcode, in its simplest form, is a set of bars and spaces representing alphabet or numeric data for identification of a particular product, service or a process. Barcode technology is the best-known and most widely used method of Automatic Identification. Automatic identification or “Auto ID” encompasses the automatic recognition and recording of data, most commonly through the printing and reading of information encoded in barcodes thereby eliminating risk of human error.

Early applications of bar code scanning, which included retail point-of-sale, item tracking and inventory control, have been expanded to include more advanced applications such as time and attendance, work-inprocess, quality control, sorting, order entry, document tracking, shipping and receiving, and controlling access to secure areas.

Common applications that are widely in use today


Barcodes allow for rapid, simple and accurate reading and transmission of data for items that need
to be tracked or managed. The emergence of Auto ID systems, including bar codes and the related
printers, scanners, decoders and software has significantly increased the speed, efficiency,
and accuracy of data collection and entry.