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Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance

Biometric Software development

Biometrics is the measurements of features of the body that are unique to each person. These can include fingerprint Patterns, the patterns of veins in the hand or eye, distances between features on the face, the way you walk and many more. Because there are slight differences between each person, these features provide ...

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Biometric Facial Recognition system

Biometric Software, Biometric Software Development In Chennai

Face recognition technology is the least intrusive and fastest biometric technology. It works with the most obvious individual identifier – the human face. There is no intrusion or delay, and in most cases the subjects are entirely unaware of the process. Instead of requiring people to place their hand on a reader or precisely ...

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Biometric Palm Vein Recognition System

Biometric Palm Vein Recognition System Software In Chennai

SSMG Software Solutions provides a highly reliable biometric authentication system based on palm vein pattern recognition technology. Palm-Secure features industry-leading authentication accuracy with extremely low false rates and the non-intrusive and contactless reader device provides ease of use with virtually no physiological restriction ...

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Hand Geometry Recognition System

Hand Geometry

Hand geometry biometric technology simultaneously analyses more than 31,000 points and more than 90 measurements of an individual’s hand-including length, width, thickness and surface area-to verify that the person using the device is really who he or she claims to be. The hand reader compares this information with a “template” of the individual’s hand ...

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