Medipro Plus - Clinic & Doctors Software

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Medipro Plus

Medipro Plus has been a fast growing Medical Software for Doctors & Clinics in India. It is the simplest to use clinical software incorporating all processes within a practice such as electronic medical records (EMR), Prescription Writing, Drugs Database, Practice Management, Statistical Reports, Financial accounting and more.

Medipro Plus is extremely flexible & customizable software to suit requirements of Doctors from any Specialty. Whether you are a Single Doctor, a Multi-User Practice or a Multi-Location Clinic; Medipro Plus has versions to seamlessly fit in each setting.

The core team of Medipro Plus comprises of Doctors, Software Engineers & Medical Informatics professionals. We listen to user feedback and monitor changes across the medical industry in India & around the world to deliver new features and workflows for our Doctors.

At our back-end we have a large team dedicated to support and training that make sure the learning curve is minimum and any issues resolved promptly.




Patient Registration
      * Simple 3 Second Patient Registration
      * Automated DOB from Age
      * Group into Families
      * Duplicate Patient Auto-Checking
  Billing & Payments
      * Bill Patients using 1 Click Quick Bill
      * Bill to Patient / Family / Third Party Company
      * Detailed Bills for multiple Services / Package Treatments
      * Multiple Payment options including Advance and Credit
      * Create Unlimited Service Items / Fees Categories
      * Search on Bills & Payments using multiple parameters
      * Record Expenses using simple Voucher System
  Appointment Scheduling
      * Day / Week / Month View
      * Simple Roster Scheduling
      * Create / Search / List Appointments
      * Waiting Room View
      * Multi-Doctor Appointment Handling
      * Reschedule with simple drag and drop
  Address Book
      * Categorise Contacts in Patients / Doctors / Personal
      * Mail Merge Letters / Greetings
      * Reminders on Birthday / Anniversary
      * Create reminders for tasks such as meetings / events
      * Automatic Popup at the scheduled time
  Backup & Restore
      * Quick and Complete Backup in 1 Click
      * Create Automatic Backup Schedules
      * Restore to Last Backup in 1 click
  Referral Management
      * Analyse To and From Referrals
      * Keep a list of Referring Doctors in the Address Book


Medical History & Allergies
      * Record Chronic History Problems using your list
      * Categorise into Medical / Surgical / Gynae / Family History
      * Allergies recorded as Molecule / Drug Brand / Other Substances
      * Drug Allergies automatically checked at the time of Prescribing
      * Record only once for each Patient & update as required
  Clinical Notes
      * Custom defined Specialty Templates
      * Record Notes using fast shortcuts
      * Capture Reason for Visit as Diagnosis
      * Capture Reason for Visit as Chief Complaints,
      * Capture Reason for Visit as Provisional Diagnosis, Procedure, etc
      * Record Follow Up date for Patient
  Prescription Writing & Drugs Database
      * Drugs Database with Brands & Generics with Product Monograph
      * Create you Customised List of Regularly used Drugs
      * Search using Brand / Molecule or Therapuetic Class
      * Automatic Interaction & Contra Indication Warning
      * Drug-Drug / Drug-Pregnancy / Drug - Allergy Checks
      * 1 Click Prescribing complete with Dosage & Instructions
      * Ready Made Prescriptions for Common Ailments / Protocols
      * Option for Tabular Layout for Medication Chart
      * Add your own Medicines
      * Choice to Defer start / end dates
      * Allow Temporary Ceasing of Medicines
      * Over 10,000 Prescription Printout Options
      * Create your own custom list of Regularly used Investigations
      * Order Investigations in 1 Click
      * Group Multiple Investigations into Profiles and order all in 1 Click
      * Record Detailed Result Values or Normal / Abnormal Status in 1 Click
      * Store Images for X-Rays / MRI's in Image or DICOM format
      * Print Investigation Reports using custom templates
  Measurements / Vitals / Progress Indicators
      * Predefined List of Measurements such as Height / Weight
      * Predefined List of Measurements such as BP / Cholestrol, etc.
      * Ability to Create custom Measurements / Progress Indicators
      * Group Measurements into Custom Categories
      * Overlay Percentile Charts for monitor Pediatric patients
      * Store images directly from a Scanner or from a Digital Camera
      * Each patient's images stored uniquely to allow multi-image viewing
      * Store Images for X-Rays / MRI's in Image or DICOM format
      * Auto Generated Thumbnails to view in Patient summary
  Specialty Templates
      * User Defined Templates for recoding notes.
      * Create your own shortcuts for commonly used terminology
      * Design specific case sheets
  Patient Education / Advice
      * Store Patient Education handouts such as Diet Charts
      * Store Patient Education handouts such as Exercise Routines
      * Store Patient Education handouts such as Illness Management
      * Categorise as per your Requirements and Print as needed
      * Ability to Import Handouts from other sources
  Past Visit Summaries
      * All Clinical tasks for each visit are recorded
      * Allows Easy & Formatted Reading of all Past Visit notes
      * Ability to see full detailed view or custom defined summary
  Medical Calculators
      * BMI
      * CVS Risk
      * Gestation, EDD & Fetal Age
      * Renal Function
      * Respiratory Function
      * More added regularly based on User Feedback
      * Record Immunisation for adult or pediatric patients
      * Create custom defined Immunisation Plans
      * See complete Vaccination Schedules with Due Dates on one screen
      * Automated reminder for patient for next vaccination date
      * Store Batch number, Expiry Date of vaccines
      * Record vaccines not administered at your clinic
      * Bill patients for Vaccines administered
  Referral Letters & Correspondence
      * Generate Referal Letters, Medical Certificates, Employment Reports,
      * Generate Referal Letters, Discharge Summaries, & with 1 Click
      * In-Built Easy Writer handles all routine word processing tasks
      * Create Data & Mail merge & print or email directly from Medipro Plus


Financial Reports
      * Day Book, Form 3C, Income & Expense List
      * Bills Report & Search - by Date Range, Status, Patient, Doctor
      * Payments Report & Search - by Date Range, Type or Doctor
      * Outstandings or Advance Reports - Grouped by Patient, Family
  Follow Up Patient Report
      * See list of Patients due for a follow up based on Date Range
      * Monitor how many patients have not come back for their visit
  Clinical Research Reports & Statistics
      * Extract and analyse your data.
      * Store your custom queries and re-use with 1 click for up-to-date


User Friendly & Easy to Use
      * Point and Click instead of Typing
      * Customised Screen Layouts
      * Multi-Tasking
      * User Customised Lists
      * Favorite Lists of Drugs, Investigations, Diagnosis Codes, etc
      * Over 10,000 Rx Printout Options
      * Custom defined Prescription Printout to fit your exact needs
      * Print on Blank Paper or your own Clinic Branded Sheet
      * Choose any standard Paper Size
  Multiple Users / Network & Security
      * Supports add-on users such as Reception, Doctors, etc
      * Data is fully secure using industry standard security protocols
      * Fine grained Security settings to control user access based on role
      * Built for concurrent multiple users without slowing down
      * Dedicated Live Training
      * Video Manuals & Tutorials
      * 1 Click Online Support
      * Phone / Email Support
      * Feature Requests from Doctors
      * Dedicated Account Manager